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New Treaty with Grand Duke of Mecklenburg broadens the Alliance

Ministry of Christ Church

2. okt. 2021

New Treaty of Peace between Grand Duke of Mecklenburg/Vorpommern and Ministry of Christ Church was signed this Sunday in Sundhagen, Germany, confirming the mutual friendship between the sovereign parties and the growing strength of the Alliance.

His Royal Highness Grand Duke of Mecklenburg and Vorpommen and heir to the Crown of Prussia Friedrich Maik, met the Emissary of Ministry of Christ Church Robert Vonn Vitus Hintze in Sundhagen, Germany, to formally constitute their friendship and mutual endorsement.

The Danish delegation (7 people) of Ministry of Christ Church was welcomed by more than two hundred Roundtable members and supporters of Grand Duke Friedrich Maik at a ranch in Sundhagen where the Treaty was signed.

His Royal Highness Grand Duke Friedrich Maik is one of the last Royals of the European White Nobility bloodline and has dedicated his life to help free Humanity from the Black Nobility Monarchies and to assist the Alliance in facilitating the transitioning of power from the current rulers to the Peoples of the Earth and every sovereign Soul under God.

During the visit at the ranch the Church delegation and Grand Duke Friedrich Maik had the opportunity to touch upon several important topics supporting the mission, including the progress of the much anticipated TRUEMONARCH project and Roundtable initiative.

Before leaving the ranch to visit the Grand Duke's castles in Neustrelitz and Schwerin, the Danish Roundtable and Church delegation had the great privilege of feasting and bonding with the hundreds of attending brothers and sisters of the Northern German Roundtables.

The Mecklenburg Peace Treaty is just the first of many diplomatic initiatives by Ministry of Christ Church paving the way for the rebirth of human sovereignty in Christ consciousness.

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