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The Holy Bible

King James version

The King James Bible is the only bible that are Holy & lawfully Authorized.

The King James Version 1661 also known as KJV:


In the years prior to the creation and distribution of The King James Bible, King James decided to send his knights and squires out into the world to collect and compile all the holy scriptures that existed at the time, including the remains after the burning of Alexander the Great's library.


This ambitious undertaking bore huge costs for the royal treasure and at the time King James received great pushback and criticism for spending what became a fortune on this holy endeavor.


The King's project was a thorn in the eye of the then established church, which wielded enormous power over the populace and with the publication of the finished King James Bible in 1611, the Church lost its monopolistic power over the common man’s understanding of the life of Jesus and God’s word. 

At the time most holy scriptures of influence were in Hebrew, Latin or Greek and scattered all over Europe and the Middleeast, so with the compilation of more than a 100 scriptures and evangeliums and published in one book in plain English - The King James Bible - quickly became the world’s first “bestseller” and to this day, it is the most distributed book in the history of the world.


Even though King James had been installed by the Vatican itself, they learned much to their regret, that King James was a king of and for the people and not a man of the established church.


Therefore, in efforts to regain its lost power over the people, the Church initiated a campaign to remove and rewrite this new book called The Holy Bible. 


Since that time and up until today the world has seen countless versions of the Bible.


All other bibles written after 1611 have either been rewritten and/or have had verses directly removed, deemed unfit for the common eye by the establishment. 


King James' son King Charles I, continued the work of his father to liberalize the word of God and thus crumbled the Church's power over the people, which eventually resulted in his death by execution in 1649. 

An evil conspiracy by the Church:


With the London fire in 1666 (= 666), The Great Fire of London, the Church “annexed” and claimed the area that is known today as the City Of London as a sovereign territory with its own flag.


Subsequently the Church created a Trust “Cestui Que Vie Act 1666” Trust which esoterically removed all living flesh and blood and thus the right’s of men and women. This Act meant that all men and women were declared dead, lost at sea, and a legal fiction was created to replace the living known as the Strawman or the social security number/account.


This Strawman account has since been used to enslave humanity in what has become the biggest tyranny scheme in the history of mankind.


It is a well known and established fact that the Bible is the law of all laws of which Common Law is superior to all other civil and commercial laws. However, the elites have tried ever since and to this day, to subdue and reverse this order in order to strip humanity of it’s natural born rights. As a result, most countries are governed by commercial law, putting aside the innate divine rights and freedoms of the people.


US Constitution 1776 is Common law based on the Bible. It’s one of the last lawful constitution documents and the last bastion against total global technocratic control.

Cestui Que Vie Act 1666

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