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Equity Law

Law of fairness

The Constitution of the United States of America mentions three areas of jurisdiction by which the courts may operate under. The second one is Equity Law.

Equity Law is law which compels performance, which means that you are obligated to perform to the exact letter of any contract that you are under.


So if you are under Equity Jurisdiction it means, that there must be a contract somewhere, so you know which obligation of the contract you must comply with.


If you refuse to perform as directed by the court, you can be charged with contempt of court, this is a criminal action.


This compelled performance in the contract can only be a civil action - never a criminal action. You cannot be penalized or punished for not keeping the letter of contract.


Equity Law is sometimes viewed as a superior jurisdiction to Common Law as Common Law in some part of the world is viewed as the common practice for certain types of court cases. 

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