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Ministry of Christ

Sovereign Oath Keepers 

Ephesians 6:11 KJV

"Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil."

The Return of the King 

is from within

Ministry of Christ is dedicated to providing humanity with a path to enlightenment and sovereignty, individually and collectively through co-creation in Christ consciousness and the application of the lawful and spiritual commandments, truths and entities instructed by our Creator and conveyed in the one true Bible (KJV 1611)

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Choose Your Path

Make a Difference Today

Ministry of Christ offers services that give insights into the Divine nature of our reality and the mechanisms by which the Laws of God and laws of man are being governed. 

In order to navigate at sea through Maritime Law and arriving safely ashore, one needs to know how and when to wield the power of Uniform Commercial Code and Common Law.

Ministry of Christ provides a route to protection away from the wrath of the Pirates, a stronghold under the name of Christ and the protection of God.


While this Private entity safeguards your material belongings and next of kin from a platform of Divine right and Common Law, it further enables you, the trustee, to engage and interact safely with Pirates and Laws of Admiralty.

Step ashore onto the path of sovereignty and into the light, by choosing one of our exclusive services.

In God We Trust.



    ons. 23. jun.
    Crypto Coin Exchange Launch
    23. jun. 2021 17.00 – 30. jul. 2021 21.00
    Crypto Coin Exchange Launch
    Behold the King has arrived! The MONARCH token makes a sneaky pre-launch appearance on two exchanges ( and
  • Ministry of Christ Convention 2021
    lør. 03. apr.
    Ministry of Christ Convention Center
    03. apr. 2021 12.00
    Ministry of Christ Convention Center, CA, USA
    Don't Miss Out on the First "MC Convention" in 2021!
  • King James Ceremony
    lør. 12. dec.
    House of Rosenkilde
    12. dec. 2020 12.30
    House of Rosenkilde, Nordsjælland
    House of Rosenkilde presents The Holy Bible - Kings James version.
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