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How to Use FontLab Studio 5 for Online Font Design

How to Use FontLab Studio 5 for Online Font Design

FontLab Studio 5 is a classic font editor for Mac and Windows that allows you to create and edit fonts for print and web. Whether you want to design your own fonts from scratch, modify existing fonts, or create font families with multiple masters, FontLab Studio 5 has the tools and features you need.

In this article, we will show you how to use FontLab Studio 5 for online font design, from importing and tracing artwork, to drawing and editing glyphs, to spacing and kerning, to generating web fonts.

Importing and Tracing Artwork

If you have sketches or scans of your font design, you can import them into FontLab Studio 5 as bitmaps or vectors. You can copy-paste vectors from Adobe Illustrator or import EPS files. You can also import monochrome images and use them as reference or trace them into BÃzier contours.

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To import an image, go to File > Import > Artwork and choose the file you want to import. You can adjust the scale and position of the image in the dialog box. To trace an image, go to Tools > AutoTrace and choose the settings you want. FontLab Studio 5 will automatically convert the image into outlines that are optimized for type design.

Drawing and Editing Glyphs

FontLab Studio 5 has a powerful set of drawing tools that let you create precise BÃzier curves. You can use the Pen tool to draw points and handles, the Rectangle and Ellipse tools to draw basic shapes, the Knife tool to cut paths, and the Eraser tool to delete segments. You can also use numeric and freeform transformations to adjust your glyphs.

To draw a glyph, select a blank glyph cell in the Font Window and double-click it to open it in the Glyph Window. You can then use the drawing tools in the toolbar to create your outline. To edit a glyph, select it in the Font Window or the Glyph Window and use the editing tools in the toolbar or the Properties panel to modify it.

Spacing and Kerning

FontLab Studio 5 allows you to set the spacing and kerning of your font using metrics and classes. Metrics are numerical values that define the left and right sidebearings of each glyph. Classes are groups of glyphs that share the same metrics or kerning pairs. You can use metrics and classes to ensure consistent spacing across your font.

To set the metrics of a glyph, select it in the Font Window or the Glyph Window and enter the values in the Metrics panel. You can also use the Metrics tool to drag the sidebearings visually. To create a class, go to Window > New Metrics Class and drag the glyphs you want to include into the class. To set the kerning of a pair or a class, go to Window > New Kerning Pair and enter the values in the Kerning panel. You can also use the Kerning tool to drag the kerning visually.

Generating Web Fonts

FontLab Studio 5 allows you to generate web fonts in various formats, such as WOFF, EOT, SVG, or TTF. Web fonts are fonts that can be embedded in web pages and displayed by browsers. You can use web fonts to enhance your online typography and create unique web designs.

To generate a web font, go to File > Generate Fonts and choose the format you want. You can also choose the options you want in the dialog box, such as subsetting, hinting, or compression. FontLab Studio 5 will generate a web font file that you can upload to your server or use with a web font service.


FontLab Studio 5 is a classic font editor that offers a complete workflow for online font design. You can import and trace artwork, draw and edit glyphs, space and kern your font, and generate web fonts with ease. FontLab Studio 5 is compatible with Mac OS X 10.6.8âmacOS 12 Monterey and Windows XPâWindows 10.

If you want to learn more about FontLab Studio 5, you can visit their website at 29c81ba772

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